Add Your Travel Tip

To begin with:

A travel tip is information that you would like to share that makes travel easier, helps avoid pitfalls or just useful information that you found valuable in your travels.

Examples would be (but not limited to):

  • Where to find the best transportation
  • How to find information
  • When the best time to travel to a destination

How to add your Travel Tip

First –

You must be a Standby Adventure member to submit a Travel Tip. If you are Login and If not signing up is quick and easy.

Second –

Find the place on the map where you wish to add the Travel Tip by either using the search function at the top center of the map or zooming in to your desired location using the Zoom Control or a combination of both. Additionally use the Hand Control to move the Map.


Select the Pin Control and double-click on the location you wish to add the Travel Tip. If the Pin is not in your desired location you may Reset the Screen and try again.

Forth –

Fill out the Submission form with Name, Email address, Subject and as much information as possible about your Travel Tip.

If you wish to add additional information such as links please email us and reference the Subject of your Travel Tip.

Contact Us

Last –

Click the “Submit for Review” button.

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Great, you are done –

We will review the Travel Tipyou have submitted and then post it to the maps. You will receive an email when this is complete, so check your inbox as well as your spam box if you have not added us to your whitelist.

Note: Be patient – it might take us a few days to review as we are probably either traveling or working flights.